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(NGE) Next Generation Elite

We are a little clan, playing Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of World War 2 demo. You can download this game for free by using our Download Section! If your someone, who do not like shooter games, we recommend you to leave this site now!

(NGE) is a very old clan, it was leaded by Alex, then John Soliman, known as Battle ® (NGE) | ¿Commander, now <IN>,took over the clan to continue helping it staying Allive.
The guys who were made (NGE) Franz and Predator.
Francis had the idea with the name "Next Generation Elite". We were and still are a clan friend of BFN - BattleForNorth.

We are very happy that your visiting our site, we hope you have fun enjoying our Movies, Pictures, News, Events & the Game!

For all members!
Some words by the leaders!

If your already a part of the (NGE) family, please think of whats our objective, what we want to do with this project!
We want to find more players for Battlefield, as it lost many players. We want to make people curious about this game. To all members, please do not think it's only "cool" to be in a clan and it shows that your good or not, please think about our target! Be helpful to new players, explain them The Game! Do not be jealous of any one in the (NGE) family. Maybe you want to be a leader, but do you know how much work it is? You think you are able to lead many people, to organize everything and every event, to manage a change in playing, to bring fun into playing? If your really able to, we will recognize this and we'll make you a leader too, but be assured that it is a hard job indeed, it has nothing to do with skills, it's only work and management! For sure it is also important for us, to have fun in this game, to manage clanwars, to manage events, movies and to mess with other clans
and so on, Clan so this is a mostly objective fun!

Although, it is therefore very important for us, that you have enough time in your real life, in your private life. We appreciate this! So please if you need more time or do not have time, just tell it us. Even you do not need to take part in every incoming event, if you do not have time, then just tell it us and do not participate in this event, however which event it is, however it's an important clanwar! We set you inactive for a while, that's no problem! But do not just be inactive and do not tell it us, if you are away for a very long time and you did not tell it us we will have to kick you.

Cheers, <IN> i !

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