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You want to play this game too? No problem, Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WW2 Demo is freeware, click here for download!

Age: from 14-99.

2. We want kind, friendly, honest, but good players! You don't need to be the champ' or the biggest Pro to join, more important is that your friendly and play not too bad!

3. You must play 3 days in a week 2 hours or more, if you can't or you need a pause you have to tell the Leader, so he can set you "inactive". Please be assured, learning for school and so on is very appreciated and it doesn't matter if you can't play for a while!

4. You need 'Windows Live Messenger'/'MSN' or 'ICQ' or 'XFire'.

5. You must have Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of World War II Demo installed.

6. The Clanleader may test you!

7. The Clanleader will decide if you may join or not!

8. If you want to join, tell a member or the clanleader himself, that you want to be a member, otherwise you can also use the following form, to inform the Clanleader by sending him an E-mail.

9. If your in clan, you have to stay in contact with the Clanleader, so that he can tell you which events are coming and what will happen next!

Use this form to send an E-mail to the Clanleader. Please fill in all details carefully and truthly!

NOTE: <IN> clan took over {NGE}, so if you want to join {NGE} or IN, you will be in clan IN<>NGE, the official new website is: www.inrules.tk or www.ngeclan.tk! This website is only the old {NGE} website, it is still saved for memories only and won't be deleted!


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Comment posted by kennst waYne?( ch3f3web.de ), 27.09.2006 um 13:55 (UTC):
darf ich au ich will au ohh bitte n1

hade see ya im 1on1

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