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Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of World War 2 Demo
Demo Durby Mod

That's a race mod, which allows you to play a Demo Durby in Game!

Size: 4.4 MB
Game: Team Death Match (TDM)
Filename: DemoDurby_Mod.exe

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Doomsday Mod

This mod adds to the Hellendoorn map new vehicles and guns
(used in the full version/retail version in Battlefield)! So you're able to play a preview of Battlefield's fullversion in the demo!

Size: 32.8 MB
Team Death Match (TDM)
Filename: Doomsday_Mod.exe

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Traptown Mod

This mod changes Hellendoorn to an absolutely strange city. Many buildings were added, it's a world of Traps!

Size: 8.5 MB
Game: Capture The Flag (CTF)
Filename: Traptown_Mod.exe

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Skytown Mod

You love the sky? Then this mod is right for you, a church was added in sky, a long natter canal system was built around Hellendoorn, it's only a terrible mod, just try it out!

Size: 238 KB
Team Death Match (TDM)
Filename: Skytown_Mod.exe

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Comment posted by beats by dre studio( iaxfqweyahoo.com ), 31.12.2013 um 05:08 (UTC):
THESE beats by dre studio Day by day! A lot of COMPLIMENTS ! THE Comfort Match AND Design ARE UNIQUELY Intended ! WHAT AN Impressive BOOTS! ABSOUTELY Appreciate THEM!!!!!!

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