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Clanfights / war

We play for fun , but here you can see if we won or not!

AK47 won
vs. Con9 won
vs. BTC lost
NGE vs. OTB lost

vs. ILBT lost
 vs. BFN
NGE    vs. PME


  vs. EVF


BFN Clan vs {NGE} Clan (Clanwar - report)

Hankes hosted the server, it was very laggy but nothing to matter about. It was a hard fight, a realy good game, we died too often, as BFN was working right good in team. They had mostly after each match 10 kills more than us. But either to say, they have owned us with less people at first, but we warmed up and got a dangerous enemy as well. That shows the last matches, as we were fighting point for point till the end.


ILBT Clan vs {NGE} Clan (Clanwar - report)

We fought in the ILBT Clan Server. At first we had some problems with the members. Our members didn´t came. Only me and Assault Killer were online. Guys I told you all and many of you said you will come. I think we must kick some members in {NGE} because many are now inactive and do not like Battlefield anymore. ILBT told us we can take other guys which are online. We took Flame and Xael. Flame were kicked out the server. A guy from ILBT kicked him. We were very angry. Flame didn´t came back. But Xael didn´t left the server. So Xael fought with us in the clanwar. ILBT had also problems with their members. Some of their guys came late. But then we had the clanwar. I must say ILBT is a very strong clan. They won all clanwars before. And this clanwar they won too. We had at first round I think 20 - 30 kills. They had 40 - 50 kills. At second round it was the same. This clanwar was a real funny and great one. We had a lot of fun. And a clan shall can win and lose. We can lose. =) I hope we will fight you soon again ILBT. PS: Nice clanname  "I Love Big Tits = ILBT"


(OTB) Clan vs {NGE} Clan (Clanwar - report)

(OTB)Glimmerman and (OTB)FLAME vs ®{NGE}Bâttlê|Cømmândêr¿ and {NGE}=*= Jo0k3r=*=
We fought in the OTB Server. At first we had some problems with the server. But after this problem we had the clanwar. The OTB Clan didn´t gave us a chance. They came with tanks , shot us and captured the Hellendoorn base. We had bad score because we couldn´t beat them. Jockers score was a disaster at the second match. He had 1 Kill and 40 deaths. We lost vs OTB the clanwar but we had fun and it was a very nice Clanwar. I hope we will fight you soon again, OTB troops.


OpEc Clan vs {NGE} Clan (Clanwar - report)

OpeC Nassim and OpeC Ahmed vs ®{NGE}Bâttlê|Cømmândêr¿ and {NGE} Mastermax
OpEc didn´t gave us a chance at the first round. The first round was assault at Hellendoorn. They won this round with 18 kills and we with 14 kills. Second round we did a sniper fight. At this fight we had more than 4 kills as OpEc. So we have won this Clanwar. The best Player was OpEc Nassim ! I only say one word "RESPECT".


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Comment posted by [PME](ldr)Juseph( ), 02.12.2009 um 18:59 (UTC):


Comment posted by Mastermax( l_pirkwieserhotmail.com ), 09.07.2007 um 07:38 (UTC):
Hi guys,
plz Assault Killer or Battlecomander add me to the list who fight in the CW vs. OTB.

Comment posted by Assault*Killer( fabiomcarreirahotmail.com ), 08.07.2007 um 10:17 (UTC):
(right john)??:o8)

Comment posted by FLAME( flamebo_redshawhotmail.co.uk ), 10.06.2007 um 22:50 (UTC):
hey guys. {OTB}FLAME hear... just wanted to know if you or any other clans wanted to have a clan war in the SW demo server some time soon?
normal rules with tanks would be good Smile maybe something like Sunday 2:00pm EST USA. 7:00pm UK, 9:00pm Finland?

you can contact me hear or on msn at: flamebo_redshaw@hotmail.co.uk
thanks allot,

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